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Breadboards are the preferred choice for electronic engineers, hobbyists, and students due to its low cost, simplicity, and ease of building/rebuilding circuits. However, a standard bulky power supply increases the complexity of fully utilizing the portability of the breadboard. The MAXREFDES1316 is designed for easy, on-the-go and affordable power supply solution for breadboards. You can utilize this reference design to provide symmetrical power supply to circuits that need voltages ranging from -11V to 20V.

This reference design can be powered from any micro-USB power source with micro-USB connector type B and a 5V/1A output capability. This could be a wall adapter or a PC/laptop USB port. Care should be taken to ensure that whatever source is used there is adequate power overload protection provided by the source.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits exactly on MB102 breadboards
  • Adjustable negative voltage from -1.8V to -11V (VINV)
  • Adjustable positive voltage from +0.6V to +5V (VLDO)
  • Adjustable positive voltage between +5V and +20V (VBST)
  • Fixed positive voltage of +5V from the power supply (VPS)
  • Can be powered with a standard 5V phone charger with micro-USB connector
  • Protected against overload and short circuits

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