Fundamentals of Isolated Gate Drivers

To learn more please watch the next video in our precision digital isolation video training series on isolated gate drivers.

  • VT1407: Basics of Power Switch Technology
  • VT1408: How to Choose an Isolated Gate Driver
  • VT1409: Trade-offs of Timing, CMTI and EMI for Gate Drivers
  • VT1410: Determine Gate Drive Strength from the Datasheet
  • VT1411: Protection Features in Gate Drivers
  • VT1412: Key Gate Driver Applications & Topologies

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VT1407: Basics of Power Switch Technology

This video is the first in the series and will discusses the need of gate drivers and reviews available devices used in power conversion and their drive requirements.
We'll cover topics ranging such as identifying traditional power switches and newer Wide Band Gap devices, provide detailed explanations on how they operate, and delve into further understandings as to why gate drivers are needed to drive those switches.