Instrumentation Amplifiers : Inamp Error Budget Analysis

A tool for estimating error contributions in Analog Devices instrumentation amplifiers.



Enter application data in the topmost section of this form, under "Application Parameters".

Tabbing to or clicking on a new field recalculates the page. If a field is left blank you may see NaN (Not a Number), which means that insufficient data was entered to compute that value.

Device specifications should be pre-entered under the "Specification" column and each specification's individual contribution to accuracy and resolution will appear in the gray area at right. Gray area fields are output-only and cannot be changed. At the bottom of this form, error contributions are totaled.

Please note that specs shown are worst-case for the selected part, if available, otherwise typical values are used. If no spec is available, a best-case number (usually zero) is substituted. It is highly unlikely that all worst-case specs would ever be present at the same time in the same part. The designer should always refer to the appropriate datasheet and substitute numbers most appropriate to his/her application. All calculations are approximations with errors displayed and summed in absolute PPM, even though in some scenarios the actual values would be negative.