Utilities:VRMS/dBm/dBu/dBV calculators

A utility to convert between standard units of power measurement and signal strength.

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This calculator interconverts between dBm, dBu, dBV, VPEAK and VRMS (ANSI T1.523-2001 definitions). dBm is a power ratio relative to 1mW, dBu and dBV are voltage ratios, relative to 0.775V and 1V, respectively.

To use this calculator enter your application data in the section provided, then enter the quantity you wish to convert in the appropriate form element. Tabbing to another field, pressing "Enter" or clicking "Calculate" will recompute all equivalent values.

Please be aware of the accuracy limits of this calculator. For display purposes, results of calculations are rounded to the nearest 4 decimal places which should exceed the precision of most measurements.

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