Features and Benefits

  • Supplied via USB or dedicated laboratory power supply with +7 to +35V
  • Comes in 3 different current measurement ranges (2A, 3A, 6A nominal range)
  • Connects to a scope via SMA-2-BNC cables or standard probe clamps
  • Easy to handle screw terminals and USB-C
  • Uses galvanically isolated current transducers LEM LTS 6-NP (https://www.lem.com/en/lts-6n
  • 2A linear, 19.2Amax, 7 to 35V
  • 3A linear, 19.2Amax, 7 to 35V
  • 6A linear, 19.2Amax, 7 to 35V

Product Details

The TMCM-0013-xA boards are tools to simplify measurement and visualization of motor phase currents for stepper motors, BLDC motors, or DC motors of 2A, 3A, or 6A. With this little tool, expensive current probes are no longer needed. Simply connect the board to typical laboratory oscilloscopes to read out 2 phase currents of the motor. 

Please note that while the current sense board looks like an evaluation board, it can be used with any module from ADI Trinamic or even modules from other companies.

Technical Details

  TMCM-0013-2A TMCM-0013-3A TMCM-0013-6A
Status Active Active Active
Axes 1 1 1
Motor Supply 7 to 35V 7 to 35V 7 to 35V
Width 85mm 85mm 85mm
Length 55mm 55mm 55mm
Height 24mm 24mm 24mm