Features and Benefits

  • Single axis stepper motor driver and motion controller
  • StealthChop™ ultra-silent chopper
  • StallGuard2™ sensorless homing
  • Up to 290mA phase RMS current
  • Supply Voltage up to 24V
  • Home Bus communication interface & TMCL™ communication protocol
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Open source hardware and firmware
  • Kit: + Home Bus master board
  • Kit: + stepper motor
  • 0.29A RMS, 0 to 24V

Product Details

TMC5130-HBS-KIT is an open source reference design for a Home Bus (HBS) connected stepper motor actuator. It is a stepper motor driver for voltages up to +24V and ca. 290mA of RMS phase current. StealthChop™ allows for ultra-silent stepper motor operation. It is controlled and powered via HBS with a single cable and comes with an onboard temperature sensor.

The kit includes the TMC5130-HBS-REF Home Bus connected stepper motor controller and driver board, the TMCM-HBS-MREF Home Bus master module with mating connectors, a NEMA 8 stepper motor with JST-PH connector and a 2-wire JST-PH cable to connect master and slave.

Applicable Parts