Features and Benefits

  • 10V to 18V Single DC Power-Supply Operation
  • Fully Differential or Single-Ended Inputs
  • Fully Differential Outputs
  • Drives 2 x 21W into 8Ω Speakers in Stereo Mode
  • Drives 1 x 42W into 4Ω Speaker in Mono Mode
  • Selectable Between Spread-Spectrum and Fixed-Frequency Modulation
  • Selectable Gains (+22dB, +25dB, +29.5dB, or +36dB)
  • Programmable Thermal Flag
  • Shutdown and Mute Control
  • Input and Output Clock Sync Signals
  • Thermally Efficient 56-Pin TQFN-EP Package
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX9708 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed circuit board (PCB) that configures the MAX9708 Class D amplifier to drive 2 x 21W into a pair of 8Ω speakers in stereo mode, or 1 x 42W into a single 4Ω speaker in mono mode for audio applications. The EV kit’s speaker outputs can be filterless to minimize the circuit area or can be filtered to ease evaluation.

The EV kit operates from a 10VDC to 18VDC power supply. The MAX9708 EV kit accepts single-ended or differential input signals, and provides fully differential outputs. The EV kit provides an option to select between +22dB, +25dB, +29.5dB, or +36dB gains. The MAX9708 EV kit offers an option to select between fixed-frequency modulation (FFM) mode or spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) mode.

The MAX9708 EV kit provides a thermal flag that can be programmed for eight different thermal thresholds. The MAX9708 EV kit can be synchronized with an external clock, and the EV kit provides a synchronous output that allows units to be cascaded and frequency locked in a multiamplifier system.


  • Automotive
  • LCD TVs
  • PC/HiFi Audio Solutions
  • PDP TVs

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