Features and Benefits

  • Easy Evaluation of the MAX14001/MAX14002
  • 3.75kVRMS Isolation for Both Data (SPI) and Power (DC-DC Supply)
  • Peripheral Module Is Powered from a Single 3.3V Supply (USB2PMB2 Is USB-Powered), No Field Side Supply Required
  • Measure AC or DC, Voltages Up to 230V AC or ±325V DC and Current Up to 5A
  • Programmable Comparator Output
  • Works With USB2PMB2 Adapter and Munich GUI Software
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • RoHS Compliant

Product Details

The MAX14001 peripheral module provides the hardware to evaluate the MAX14001 isolated ADC to measure two channels of data, line voltage (up to 230V AC or ±325V DC) and load current (up to 5A). All power and communication is with a simple USB cable—no separate field side power is required. The integrated DC-DC converter provides power isolation for the system and powers all field-side circuitry. This integrated design reduces the BOM and board dimension for building an isolated ADC system. Refer to the MAX14001 IC data sheet for detailed information regarding operation of the IC.

The MAX14001PMB has a 12-pin Pmod™-compatible connector for SPI communication. The peripheral module can be used in various ways. Maxim sells a low-cost USB2PMB2 adapter board that uses the Munich GUI software for communication through a USB cable. This is not included with this board, but is available from Maxim or one of our distributors. Alternatively, any microcontroller or FPGA with a 12-pin Pmod-compatible connector for SPI communication can be used.


  • Distribution Automation
  • High-Voltage Binary Input (12V–300V)
  • Industrial Control, Multi-Range, Digital Input Modules with Individually Isolated Inputs
  • Substation Automation

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