Features and Benefits

  • Convenient USB Interface
  • Touch Panel with Piezo Actuator Mounted for Haptic Feedback
  • Analog Tracking-Mode Capability
  • Easy-to-Use Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI) Allows Register Programming for Various Haptic Waveforms
  • All Components Mounted on a Plexiglass Base for Ease of Handling
  • Single-Supply Operation through the USB
  • Option for External Power Supply for the Boost Regulator
  • Separate User's Guide Available for the Graphical User Interface

Product Details

The MAX11835 evaluation system (EV system) demonstrates a complete solution to drive single and multilayer piezo actuators to create haptic feedback for products featuring touch interfaces. The MAX11835 efficiently generates any type of user-programmable waveforms including sine, trapezoidal, square, and pulse to drive the piezo loads to create custom haptic sensation. The low-power device directly interfaces with an application processor/host controller through an I²C interface and integrates various blocks including a boost regulator, pattern storage memory, and waveform generator in one package, thus providing a complete haptic feedback controller solution.

The EV system is a multiboard system that includes a MAXQ2000 USB touch interface board (UTIB) and a MAX11835 daughter board.

Note: The CD-ROM included with the EV kit contains a User's Guide that provides information about the graphical user interface (GUI).

Note: The MAX11835 is not a touch-screen controller and the touch panel is only provided for haptic feedback purposes, with the 4-wire flex connector left unconnected.


  • Handheld Gaming Consoles
  • Infotainment for Automotive Applications
  • Keypads and Keyboards
  • Mobile Communication Devices
  • Notebooks, Netbooks, and e-Readers
  • PDA, GPS and Media Players