Features and Benefits

Product Details

The Landungsbruecke is the connection between your desktop computer and ADI Trinamic’s Chip solutions. Just connect the desired board combination and start to discover ADI Trinamic’s unique features.

The heart of the Landungsbruecke is a Freescale MK20 cortex M4 processor. A single firmware design covers all evaluation boards of the ADI Trinamic evaluation system. Users can download the latest revisions, modify the firmware or create your own and easily update it via USB. The code of the Landungsbruecke is open source for download.

Please note that all official firmware releases can be downloaded below. However, we also release nightly build versions on our GitHub page, which you can find here:

Trinamic GitHub

Tools & Simulations

3-D Design Model


Evaluation Software

Short for Trinamic Motion Control Language-Integrated Development Environment, the TMCL-IDE is an integrated development environment made for developing applications using ADI Trinamic™ modules and chips. The GUI provides tools for easily setting parameters, for visualizing data in real-time, and for developing and debugging stand-alone applications with TMCL.