Features and Benefits

  • Pitch and roll rate gyroscope
  • Ultralow noise: 0.004°/s/√Hz
  • High vibration rejection over a wide frequency range
  • 2000 g powered acceleration survivability
  • 80 µA current consumption in standby mode
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI) digital output
  • Programmable high-pass and low-pass filters
  • PMOD form factor

Product Details

The ADXRS290 PMOD compatible evaluation/prototyping board is a small form factor, low cost, low noise two axis gyroscope sensor measurement board. When prototyping, this board is used in conjunction with the ADICUP3029 development platform. Direct electrical and physical connection will enable you to get started quickly with hardware and software, to help develop your solution.

SPI PMOD peripheral connectors can also be found on many 3rd party MCU or FPGA development boards, where the EVAL-ADXRS290-PMDZ can be connected directly into those systems, and you can develop your own application code using the ADI reference code provided.

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