Features and Benefits

  • Integrated solution
    • Fault protection and surge stopper for load dump, cold crank, reverse polarity input, and overcurrent
    • Pin-selectable backup battery charging using Li-Ion or LiPeO4
    • Seamless automatic switch from main input battery to backup batteries
    • High overvoltage transient capability of up to 200 V while 5 V output continually
  • Main input battery operating voltage range: 6.5 V to 38 V
  • Input battery backup charge voltage: 3.42 V to 4.13 V Li-Ion or LiPeO4
  • Battery input selectable switches (S1, S2, or S3)
  • Output voltage and current: 5.5 V maximum and 3 A maximum
  • Output ripple voltage: −3.85 mV

Product Details

The EVAL-ADVTS4152-EBZ demonstration board is intended for systems that require a constant output voltage (VOUT) of 5 V, such as a vehicle tracking system (VTS). The EVAL-ADVTS4152-EBZ runs by a main battery source with a backup battery in case an unwanted supply shortage results from the input.

The EVAL-ADVTS4152-EBZ features three main parts (LT4356-1, LT8609A, and LTC4040) that function as one to achieve the highest performance and reliability (see Figure 2 in the user guide).

The LT4356-1 is a surge stopper that protects high voltage transients such as load dumps to electronic automotive loads, with a wide range input capability of 4 V to 80 V and clamps to a desirable voltage output for most design needs. The LT4356-1 also provides protection against reverse input and cold crank. The LT8609A is a compact, high efficiency, and high speed, synchronous monolithic, step-down switching regulator that outputs the desired maximum current of 3 A continuously.

The LTC4040 is a complete 3.5 V to 5.5 V supply rail battery backup system. This device contains a high current, step-up dc-to-dc regulator that backs up the supply from a single cell Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and helps power the system when the main power supply cuts off.

This demonstration board has an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter installed for automotive standard requirements and an optional ADT6401 temperature switch for over temperature protection if a design needs to protect against an abnormally high dc input.