Product Details

Analog Devices has developed a new evaluation platform for the ATV product range of HDMI receivers, transmitters and video encoders. The complete evaluation platform consists of a motherboard, a front-end video input board and a back-end video output board. The purpose of this new platform is, to assist customers to quickly develop and reference their designs against a generic and reusable platform across the complete ATV product range. Full I2C programming scripts for various video inputs and standards, board documentation and starter guides are provided as standard with the boards. All boards are sold separately to ensure maximum customer flexibility and evaluation modularity. An NDA agreement must be signed with ADI to receive these boards.

Applicable Parts

System Requirements

The Motherboard must be connected to a video input board in order to process video. The video input board feeds the digital outputs from the HDMI Rx/decoder to the FPGA on the motherboard. The signal routing to the motherboard connector from the HDMI Rx/decoder is the same for all video input boards. Video input boards are populated with different DUTs and have different inputs depending on the part being evaluated.

The requirement for a video output board is optional and is dependent on the customers needs. As specified earlier, the motherboard and video input board can drive a VGA monitor with RGB and sync signals, without the need for a video output board. However most customers desire a video output board for complete design reference. The video output board accepts the digital outputs from the FPGA via the AVO 168 pin connector on the motherboard. This data can then be processed through either an ADI HDMI Tx, or an ADI video encoder.

Documentation & Resources