Product Details

The EVAL-ADV7281EBZ is an evaluation board for the ADV7281. The EVAL-ADV7281EBZ consists of an ADV7281 video decoder and an ADV7391 video encoder.

Analog video is fed into the Video Inputs (Ain1 to Ain4). The analog video from the Video Inputs is fed into the ADV7281 video decoder. The ADV7281 video decoder converts the analog video it into an 8 bit ITU656 digital stream.

The ITU656 digital output stream of the ADV7281 is fed to header J5 and into the ADV7391 video encoder. The ADV7391 video encoder converts the digital stream into an analog YPbPr output. The analog YPbPr output is fed to the Video Ouptut connectors on the EVAL-ADV7281EBZ.