Features and Benefits

  • Interleaved Boost PFC topology providing high power factor and low THD
  • Accurate AC Power Metering
  • Current balancing between two phases
  • High efficiency
  • Protection features for AC line input and high voltage output
  • Low component count
  • Programmable response to faults
  • Programmable inrush control
  • Test points for users to quickly and easily evaluate the key features of ADP1048

Product Details

The evaluation board features an interleaved boost PFC topology operating at 100KHz switching frequency. Its output is rated at deliver 385V, 600W with a universal AC input ranging from 85-265V. The board features the ADP1048 digital controller for offering power factor correction and accurate AC power metering. It also provides protection features like AC line fault protection, OCP and OVP.


Evaluation Software

47.58 M
ADP1047/ADP1048 Software, Ver. 2.2.9
This software is used to program the ADP1047/ADP1048. It is truly graphic and interactive. Power design engineers with no prior programming experience can use the software to monitor and quickly adjust functions like PWM timings, frequency, filter settings, protection limits, etc.

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