Features and Benefits

  • Simple power-up with on-board LDO regulators
  • Gain tuning and devices bias adjustment with potentiometers
  • Option to bypass LDO regulators with connector jumpers

Product Details

The ADMV7310-EVALZ evaluation board incorporates the ADMV7310 with low dropout (LDO) regulators, potentiometers, and a waveguide back plate to allow quick and easy evaluation of the ADMV7310. The LDO regulators allow the ADMV7310 to be powered on by ±5 V supplies. Potentiometers allow gate tuning for various gain ranges.

The ADMV7310 is a fully integrated system in package (SiP) in phase/quadrature (I/Q) upconverter that operates at an intermediate frequency (IF) input range of dc to 2 GHz and a radio frequency (RF) output range of 71 GHz to 76 GHz.

The ADMV7310 data sheet, available at www.analog.com, provides full specifications for the ADMV7310. Consult the ADMV7310 data sheet in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.

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