Features and Benefits

  • Sequence and Supervise Sixteen Power Supplies
  • Trim and Margin Nine Power Supplies
  • Automatic Fault Logging to internal EEPROM
  • Operates Autonomously without additional software
  • PMBus interface supports all device related software
  • Interchip bus simplifies multidevice cascading and sequencing operation
  • 16 voltages reference for input emulation
  • Switches and LEDs for signal emulation using GPIOs

Product Details

The ADM1266-EVALZ is a demonstration system for the ADM1266 16-channel I2C/SMBus/PMBus Super Sequencer. The ADM1266 monitors and controls 16 power supply rails. The ADM1266-EVALZ demonstrates the ability of the ADM1266 to sequence, trim, margin, supervise, monitor, and log faults for sixteen power supply rails. Each power supply channel’s output voltage is monitored.

The ADM1266-EVALZ is a single circuit board that contains fourteen ADP1710 150mA linear regulators and two ADP7102 300mA Linear regulators, which are configured to be controlled by the ADM1266. This board provides a sophisticated 16-channel digitally programmable power supply system.

This demonstration system is supported by the ADI Power Studio™ graphical user interface (GUI) that enables complete control of all the features of the ADM1266. Together, the ADI Power Studio software and ADM1266-EVALZ hardware system create a powerful development environment for designing and testing ADM1266 configuration settings. These settings can be stored in the device’s internal EEPROM or in a file. This file can later be used to order pre-programmed devices or to program devices in a production environment. The software displays all of the configuration settings and real time measurements from the ADM1266. Telemetry allows easy access and decoding of the fault log created by the ADM1266. The board comes pre-programmed with the EEPROM values appropriate for the sixteen power supplies used on the ADM1266-EVALZ.

Multiple ADM1266-EVALZ boards can be cascaded together to form a high channel count power supply (see Multi-Board Arrays). This cascaded configuration demonstrates features of the ADM1266 which enable sequencing and fault information to be shared across multiple ICs. The user can configure up to sixteen ADM1266-EVALZ boards thereby controlling up to 256 separate power supply rails. Larger arrays of ADM1266s are supported through programmable I2C base address. The ADM1266-EVALZ demo board can be powered by an external power supply, such as a +12VDC supply. Communication with the software is provided through the EVAL-ADP-I2C-USB.

Documentation & Resources


Design Tool

ADI Power Studio
ADI Power Studio® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Analog Devices’ Super SequencerStudio® products.