Product Details

The EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ provides access to all the analog and digital inputs and outputs on the ADAU1860. The ADAU1860 core is controlled by Analog Devices, Inc., Lark Studio software, which interfaces to the EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ via a USB connection. In addition, users can communicate and debug with the Tensilica HiFi 3z DSP core through the JTAG port by using the mIDAS-Link emulator. The software development kit (SDK) is also provided by Analog Devices for code development.

The EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ can be powered by the USB bus or by a single 5 V supply. These supply options are regulated to the voltages required on the EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ. The printed circuit board (PCB) is a 4-layer design, with a ground plane and a power plane on the inner layers. The EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ contains connectors for external microphones and speakers. The master clock can be provided externally or by the on-board 24.576 MHz oscillator.