Features and Benefits

  • Enables quick breadboarding and prototyping
  • Easily configurable for unidirectional or bidirectional operation
  • Includes provision for current-sense shunt resistor
  • Easy connection to test equipment
  • Includes provisions for an input filter and an output filter
  • Decoupled supply line

Product Details

This user guide is designed to aid in the evaluation of the AD8410A current-sense amplifier. The AD8410AR-EVALZ and the AD8410ARM-EVALZ are designed for easy configuration of different modes of operation and allow flexibility with loads. A shunt resistor (R1), with a maximum standard size of 2818, can be soldered to both boards.

The AD8410AR-EVALZ accommodates the AD8410A in a standard small outline package (SOIC_N). The AD8410ARM-EVALZ accommodates the AD8410A in a mini small outline package (MSOP). The AD8410ARM-EVALZ and AD8410AR-EVALZ are hereafter referred to as the AD8410A evaluation board in this user guide.

Full specifications on the AD8410A are available in the AD8410A data sheet available from Analog Devices, Inc., and must be consulted with this user guide when using the AD8410A evaluation board.