Features and Benefits

  • Stand-alone eCash evaluation circuit board with LCD display and Audible feedback.
  • Supports both DS1963S and DS1961S iButton SHA-1 devices as debit tokens.
  • Once initialized, the DS1963S coprocessor on the debit board keeps the money secret secure
  • Secure eCash debits in 100ms (approximate).
  • 2 Java™ programs (compatible with Windows® and Linux) provided for download to initialize eCash coprocessors and tokens as well as to monitor evaluation board.
  • Evaluation board can be used as a component in a larger control system (Service Control Unit).
  • Complete firmware source provided in portable 'C' code.
  • Schematic design and list of components of eval board provided.
  • Evaluation board can be used for eCash code development with the onboard single-cycle 8051 compatible DS89C420.

Product Details

The eCash Evaluation Kit demonstrates the speed, reliability, and security of a SHA-1 based iButton® eCash system. The provided eCash debit board is a complete stand-alone module that will perform monetary debits in a fast 100ms. The eCash debit board has a serial interface that allows a PC or microprocessor to monitor or provide manual control of the debit process. Utilizing the serial interface, this demo could easily be integrated into a real eCash or access control system.

Documentation & Resources