Features and Benefits

  • Soldered DS3254 for Best Signal Integrity
  • BNC Connectors, Transformers, and Termination Passives for All Four LIUs
  • Careful Layout for Analog Signal Paths
  • Equipment-Side Connector for External Data Source/Sink or External Remote Loopback
  • On-Board DS3 and E3 Crystal Oscillators
  • DS3254 Configured for CPU Bus Operation for Complete Control Over the Device
  • On-Board Dallas Microcontroller and Included Software Provide Point-and-Click Access to the DS3254 Register Set
  • LEDs for Interrupt, Loss-of-Signal, Transmit Driver Monitor, and PRBS Sync
  • Banana Jack Connectors for VDD and GND Support Use of Lab Power Supplies
  • Separate DS3254 VDD to Enable IDD Measurements
  • Easy-to-Read Silk Screen Labels Identify the Signals Associated with All Connectors, Jumpers and LEDs
  • Product Details

    The DS3254DK is an easy-to-use evaluation kit for the DS3254 quad DS3/E3/STS-1 LIU. A surfacemounted DS3254 and careful layout of the analog signal traces provide maximum signal integrity to demonstrate the transmit and receive capabilities of the DS3254. On-board Dallas 8051-compatible microcontroller and included software give point-andclick access to configuration and status registers from a personal computer. LEDs on the board indicate interrupt, loss-of-signal, transmit driver monitor, and PRBS sync status for all four ports. The board provides BNC connectors for the line-side transmit and receive differential pairs and a 50-pin connector for framer interface signals. All LEDs and connectors are clearly labeled with silk screening to identify associated signals.


    • Access Concentrators
    • ATM and Frame Relay Equipment
    • CSUs/DSUs
    • Digital Cross-Connects
    • DSLAMs
    • PBXs
    • Routers/Switches
    • SONET/SDH and PDH Multiplexers