Features and Benefits

  • Small size: approximately 3in x 4in
  • Soldered-down DS3150 in 48-pin TQFP package for best signal integrity
  • Line-side BNC connectors for Tx+/Tx- and Rx+/Rx- differential pairs
  • High-frequency 2:1 transformers on the transmit and receive differential pairs
  • Carefully designed layout for all analog signal paths
  • System-side connector for TCLK/TPOS/ TNEG, RCLK/RPOS/RNEG, MCLK, and PRBS supports external data source/sink
  • Jumpers to control EFE, ICE, active-low LBKS, LBO, RMON, TDS0, TDS1/OFSEL, TESS, active-low TTS and active-low ZCSE
  • Jumpers to connect TCLK to DS3 oscillator, E3 oscillator or connector pin
  • Jumpers to connect MCLK to DS3 oscillator, E3 oscillator, connector pin, VCC or ground
  • LEDs for active-low DM (red), active-low LOS (red), PRBS sync (green), and VDD (green)
  • Banana jack connectors for VDD and GND support use of lab power supplies
  • Silk-screened documentation for common hardware modes on bottom side of the board
  • Product Details

    The DS3150DK is a small, self-contained evaluation kit for the DS3150 DS3/E3/STS-1 LIU. A soldered DS3150 and careful layout of the analog signal traces ensure maximum signal integrity. Jumpers on the board allow the user to configure the DS3150 in any mode. LEDs indicate VCC present, loss of signal, transmit driver failure, and PRBS sync. The board provides BNC connectors for the line-side transmit and receive differential pairs and a header for various system-side signals. On-board oscillators serve as local timing sources for DS3 and E3 operation. All jumpers, LEDs, and connectors are clearly labeled to make the board as easy as possible to use.