Features and Benefits

  • Charge Up to 2 Cells in Series or Parallel
  • Charges AA or AAA Cells
  • Offers Linear or Switch Mode Current Regulation
  • Current Regulation Feature Can Be Bypassed When Used with External Current Regulated Supply
  • Monitors Temperature, Voltage, and Charge Time
  • Resistor-Programmable Alkaline Cell Rejection Threshold
  • Resistor-Programmable Charge Time Monitor

Product Details

The DS2711/DS2712 EV kit board allow users to explore all the features of the DS2711 and DS2712. It is designed to allow a DS2711 or DS2712 to be configured into any possible charge configuration. The board supports single-cell, dual-cell series, and dual-cell parallel charging of AA or AAA NiMH cells. The board also allows the user to select between on-board regulation of the charge source, on-board regulation with a separate power supply, or external regulation. Temperature, voltage, and charge time are monitored to ensure safe charging. The EV kit also detects and rejects alkaline cells.


  • Desktop/Stand-Alone Chargers (AAA/AA)
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Gaming
  • Music Players
  • Toys

Applicable Parts