Features and Benefits

  • Demonstrates the capabilities of the DS2705 SHA-1 Authentication Master, including:
    • Initiating a Secure Challenge and Response Authentication using the SHA-1 Algorithm with a DS2703/DS2704
    • Maxim 1-Wire® Master/Slave Interface at Standard and Overdrive speeds
    • Input and Output pins for Initiating Challenge and Reporting Authentication Pass/Fail
    • Programmable Configuration
  • Interfaces to the USB Port of a PC Running Windows XP® or Older that Supports USB Operation

Product Details

The DS2705 evaluation kit (EV kit) makes performance evaluation, software development, and prototyping with the DS2705 SHA-1 Authentication Master easy. The evaluation board interfaces to a PC through a DS9123O USB Adapter and RJ-11 cable connection as well as to a DS2703 or DS2704 EV kit evaluation board. The provided CD ROM contains all related data sheets along with the evaluation software, which can be run under any Windows operating system that supports USB operation.

The DS2705 EV kit evaluation software allows the user to completely program and configure the DS2705. It also provides limited programmability of a DS2703 or DS2704.

The evaluation board circuit is designed to provide the DS2705 with a stable environment to perform a SHA-1 Authentication with a DS2703 or DS2704 and display a Pass/Fail on the result. Kit demonstration boards will vary as they are improved upon over time. For information on the demonstration board circuits refer to our website at www.maximintegrated.com.


  • Cell Phones/Smartphones
  • Cradle and Accessory Chargers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Portable DVD and Media Players

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