Features and Benefits

  • Expedites New Designs by Eliminating First- Pass Prototyping
  • Demonstrates Key Functions of the DS26303
  • Includes DS26303 x 8-Port LIU, Transformers, 75Ω BNC Connectors, RJ-48 Connectors, and Termination Passives
  • Communicates Directly with any PC with a USB or RS-232 Serial Interface
  • High-Level Windows®-Based Software Provides Visual Access to All Registers
  • Software-Controlled (Register) Mapped Configuration Switches Facilitate Real-Time Clock and Signal Routing
  • Precision Test Points for All Clocks and Signals
  • On-Board T1 and E1 Crystal Oscillators for Stable Clock Generation
  • On-Board BERT for Testing and Pattern Generation
  • Product Details

    The DS26303DK is a fully integrated design kit for the DS26303 3.3V, 8-port, E1/T1/J1 line interface unit (LIU). This design kit contains all the necessary circuitry to evaluate the DS26303 in all modes of operation. The design kit also includes an on-board microprocessor to run real-time code for further part evaluation.


    • ATM and Frame Relay Equipment
    • E1/T1/J1 LAN/WAN Routers
    • E1/T1/J1 Multiplexer and Channel Banks
    • ISDN Primary Rate Interface
    • T1 Digital Cross-Connects
    • Wireless Base Stations

    Applicable Parts