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The DC980A and DC980B are a demonstration system that showcases the LTC2970, a dual power supply monitor and margining controller with an I2C interface. The DC980A board contains the LTC2970 device and the DC980B board contains the LTC3828 dual DC/DC controller. The two boards interface to each other via a 20-pin connector. The DC980B board features the LTC3828 dual output, 2-phase synchronous buck regulator. The LTC2970’s two voltage-buffered, 8-bit IDACs allow highly accurate margining of the LTC3828’s output voltages. The IDACs can be configured to automatically servo the power supplies to a desired voltage using the ADC for feedback. The DC980B comes preconfigured with 3.3V and 5V power supply rail voltages.

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LTpowerPlay® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Linear Technology's Digital Power System Management (PSM) products.

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