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Demo circuit 3205A features the LTC3314A, 5V, dual 4A/dual-phase 8A step-down DC/DC regulator IC. This demo circuit is configured as a 2-phase, 2MHz, 3.3V input, single 1V output, 8A buck regulator. The top switches are 180-degree out of phase to reduce the output ripple.

The LTC3314A features dual monolithic synchronous 4A step-down power stages in a 30-ball, 2.2mm × 2.7mm WLCSP package for space saving applications with demanding performance requirements. Both bucks achieve high efficiency and fast transient response with small external components. The LTC3314A can also be configured as a dual output, 4A per output, step-down converter. Please refer to DC3204A as a dual output application example. The LTC3314A data sheet gives a complete description of its operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the demo manual when evaluating or modifying this demo circuit.

DC3205A supports three operation modes, including pulse-skipping, forced continuous and Burst Mode® operation. The clock frequency and the operation mode are shared by both regulators. User can select desired operation mode with JP1 jumper. Setting JP1 to FC/SYNC position also allows the LTC3314A to sync to a clock frequency from 1MHz to 3MHz, operating in forced continuous mode.

An EMI filter is included in this demo circuit for noise sensitive applications. To power with EMI filter, please apply input voltage via VIN EMI terminal.

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