Features and Benefits

  • Fully featured evaluation board for the LT4322
  • High voltage full-wave rectification
  • Ideal Diode bridge
  • Schottky diode bridge replacement

Product Details

Demonstration circuit DC3137A features the floating, high voltage active rectifier controller LT4322 in a full-wave rectifier configuration. It is suitable for applications that require high voltage line rectification with DC outputs up to 170V. While components were chosen to optimize performance at 60Hz, the LT4322 is capable of operating at frequencies up to 100kHz.

The LT4322 drives an N-Channel MOSFET to perform functionally like a diode but with much lower power dissipation. This topology eases thermal constraints and increases the usable output voltage. An N-Channel topology has multiple benefits over a P-Channel topology, including lower RDS(ON), a smaller footprint, lower cost, and a wider selection of MOSFETs. In this full-wave rectifier, four LT4322 circuits replace four diodes.

Only a few essential components are required to operate each LT4322: a single N-Channel MOSFET (M1x), a reservoir capacitor (C1xB), a gate capacitor (C5x), and in applications where the peak-to-peak input voltage exceeds 60V, an N-Channel depletion mode MOSFET (M2x). In most applications, only a single output capacitor C2 is needed to smooth the output voltage and ensure the output voltage ripple stays below a user-determined maximum value.

Applicable Parts

Getting Started


  • AC power supply
  • Voltmeter
  • Constant current or resistive load
  • Oscilloscope