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Demonstration circuit 3071A features the LTM8080 μModule® regulator, a complete, low input noise, ultrahigh PSRR solution with an intermediate power bus and dual output 0.5A LDO regulators, in a thermally enhanced, compact 9mm × 6.25mm × 3.32mm BGA package. DC3071A has a wide operating input range of 4V to 40V. Each of the two outputs is an adjustable 3.3V/0.5A. The operating output range is a wide 0V to 8V. DC3071A also allows for the LDOs to be paralleled up to 1A rail load current.

The LTM8080 includes voltage tracking functionality, external frequency synchronization, and low input noise compliance with CISPR22 Class B. The built-in voltage tracking function automatically sets VBUS to either 2.5V nominal or 1V higher than VOUT1, whichever is greater, to achieve the best noise performance and minimize power dissipation. External frequency synchronization is available through the SYNC pin. It also features the power good feedback function for an adjustable power good threshold.

The μModule regulator targets applications that require a complete switcher and LDO regulators solution with configurable output channels, power good protection features, and ultralow noise performance.

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