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Demonstration circuit 2895A is a 100V monolithic DC/ DC step-down regulator featuring the LT7101. The demo board is designed for a 12V/1A output from a 12V to 100V input at 400kHz switching frequency. The wide input range makes it suitable for automotive, industrial, medical instrument, and telecom applications. This buck regulator has a peak efficiency of 94.5% at 24VIN, 92.3% at 48VIN and 87.1% at 100VIN (see Figure 4).

The LT7101 is a compact, high efficiency synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator with fast current programming. The power switches, compensation network and other necessary circuits are inside of the LT7101 to minimize external components and simplify design. The LT7101 has a wide operating range from 4.4V to 105V. A 35ns minimum on-time together with 100% maximum duty cycle allow practical use at any output voltage between 1V and VIN. The switching frequency can be programmed either via an oscillator resistor or an external clock over a 200kHz to 2MHz range. Additional features include a fast, accurate output current programming and monitoring, and ultralow EMI/EMC emissions. 

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