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Demonstration circuit 2746A is a blank/un-stuffed evaluation board to be used to facilitate prototyping of LT6372-1 and LT6372-0.2 instrumentation amplifiers in the MSOP-16 package. The board is designed to be as flexible as possible by providing many stuffing options and jumpers to configure. This board can be used with either LT6372-1 (for gains ≥ 1V/V amplification) or LT6372-0.2 (for gains as low as 0.2V/V attenuation).

Below are some of the capabilities of the board using board jumper selection or stuffing option.

  1. Single or dual supply operation.
  2. Flexible connections of REF1 and REF2 instrumentation amplifier reference voltage inputs. Options are: Both references to be tied together or separately driven, or grounded.
  3. Common mode or differential input.
  4. Input CM and differential filtering caps if needed.
  5. Upper and lower clamp pins driven externally or disabled.
  6. Output drive filtering and isolation resistor and cap.
  7. Prototyping area provided for SO-8 device to be used if needed. This prototype footprint can be run using the LT6372 power supplies or could be powered by different supply rails applied to the board.

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