Product Details

Demonstration circuit 2622A features the ADA4899-1 amplifier. The DC2622A includes two of these amplifiers and is designed to drive the inputs of the DC2290 demo board. The DC2290 features the LTC2387 18-bit, 15Msps high speed SAR ADC. The linearity and low noise of the ADA4899-1 make it an ideal candidate to drive the LTC2387 at frequencies above 1MHz.

The DC2622A is configured to accept a single-ended input signal and provide unity gain. The board can provide voltage gain if several component values are changed. For example, a voltage gain of two will result if the following changes are made:

  • Change R23 to 309Ω
  • Install 309Ω at R27
  • Install 100pF at C28
  • Change R18 to 287Ω

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