Product Details

The LTC5562 is a versatile low power mixer optimized for applications requiring very wide input bandwidth, low distortion, and low LO leakage. This mixer can be used for either upconverting or downconverting applications, and provides a nominal conversion gain of 1dB. Demonstration circuit 2483A-A showcases the LTC5562 mixer for upconverting applications while demonstration circuit 2483A-B is tuned for downconverting applications. The differential inputs are optimized for use with 1:1 transmission- line baluns, allowing very wideband impedance matching. The LTC5562 uses a 3.3V supply for low power consumption and an enable pin allows the part to be shut down for further power savings. The total mixer current is adjustable, allowing for even further power savings. The standard match frequency ranges for each board are outlined in the table below.