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Demonstration circuit 2344A development platform is a versatile Energy Harvesting Demo Board that is capable of accepting solar, thermal, and piezoelectric energy sources or any high impedance AC or DC source. The board contains four independent power circuits consisting of the following EH ICs:

  • LTC3106:  “300mA, Low Voltage Buck-Boost Converter with PowerPath™ and 1.5μA Quiescent Current”
  • LTC3107:  “Ultra-Low Voltage Energy Harvester and Primary Battery Life Extender”
  • LTC3330:  “Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender”
  • LTC3331:  “Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Charger”
  • LTC2935-2:  “Ultra-Low Power Supervisor with Power-Fail Output Selectable Thresholds”

The DC2344A demo board is designed to connect to a DC2321A, a Dust mote wireless sensor node demo board which monitors the batteries and the status signals of each IC.

The DC2344A hosts two types of energy harvesting transducers (thermoelectric generator and solar cells). A terminal block is used for connecting an external piezoelectric transducer or any other high impedance AC source to this board. In addition to the provided sources, input turrets allow the user to connect external transducers to the board.

As a backup power supply, the board holds a primary battery and a secondary battery which can be easily routed to any of appropriate ICs.

The board hosts groups of switches, jumpers, and resistors which allow its operation be configured in various ways. As a result, the system is very customizable and can be modified to meet the user’s needs. This compatibility makes it a perfect evaluation tool for any low power energy harvesting system.

DC2344A is exclusively included in Wurth Elektronik's Gleanergy kit.

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