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IO-Link®, the new bi-directional, digital, point-to-point communication standard (IEC 61131-9) offers a standardized mapping of advanced sensor and actuator features into the automation tool environment. This technology leverages small but powerful microprocessors being incorporated into sensors and actuators to improve control, parameterization and diagnostics.

TEConcept has developed an 8-Port IO-Link master reference design that demonstrates a robust physical interface built using two LTC2874 IC's. The DC2228A will operate your favorite IO-Link device, controlled by Control Tool software (including IODD Interpreter) via an Ethernet connection.

DC2228A operates either with an external 24V supply or, optionally, a Power over Ethernet (PoE) system. For the PoE case, it can be completely powered via an Ethernet connection to power sourcing equipment such as a PoE injector or PoE switch. We recommend a 90W LTPoE++ solution such as the Allnet ALL048900, which comes with its own power adapter.

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