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The LTC®2338/LTC2337/LTC2336/LTC2328/LTC2327/ LTC2326 are true bipolar, low power, low noise ADCs with serial outputs that can operate from a single 5V supply. The demo manual refers to the LTC2338-18 but applies to all parts in the family, the only difference being the maximum sample rates and the number of bits. The LTC2338-18 supports a ±20.48V fully differential input range with a 100dB SNR, consumes only 50mW and achieves ±4LSB INL max with no missing codes at 18 bits. The DC1908A demonstrates the DC and AC performance of the LTC2338‑18 in conjunction with the DC590 QuikEval™ and DC718 PScope™ data collection boards.


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