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Demonstration circuit DC1601B is a PolyPhase® power supply featuring the LTM4607 power module, a complete high efficiency switching mode buck-boost power supply. The DC1601B input voltage range is from 6V to 36V and is capable of delivering high power through paralleled LTM4607 modules. The demo circuit can deliver up to 10A of output current for two paralleled modules (DC1601B-A). The DC1601B demonstrates that paralleling modules is easy and reliable. The output voltage for the board is 12V. The rated load current per module is 5A in boost mode, however current derating may be necessary under certain VIN, VOUT, frequency, and thermal conditions. An onboard external clock is provided for synchronization and interleaving of phases to minimize input and output ripple. An internal phase-locked loop allows the LTM4607 to be synchronized to an external clock within the range of 200kHz to 400kHz. The LTM4607 default switching frequency on the DC1601B is set to 300kHz through the onboard LTC6902 clock generator which interleaves the paralleled phases.

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