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Demonstration circuit 1569A is a High Voltage Monolithic Boost Converter featuring the LT3958. The LT3958 can be configured as a boost, flyback, SEPIC, and inverting converter, but the demonstration circuit is assembled as a boost. The input voltage range is 11V to 40V and the output voltage is 48V with 500mA over the entire input voltage range. The LT3958 has an internal n-channel 3.3A, 84V power switch for high voltage, power, and efficiency. The dual paddle package provides excellent heat dissipation for the internal power switch. The LT3958 current-mode dc/dc converter features adjustable switching frequency, soft-start, compensation, shutdown and undervoltage lockout with hysteresis, and a feedback pin (FBX) that can be used in both positive and negative applications. A SYNC input can be used to synchronize the switching at a frequency higher than the IC is programmed.

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