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Demonstration circuit 1237A-A (LTC3527) and 1237A-B (LTC3527-1) are dual output, high-efficiency synchronous boost converter demo boards with each having an 800mA and a 400mA power switch. With a light load, the boost converters can startup with an input voltage as low as 700mV and once started, the input can go as low as 500mV while maintaining a regulated output voltage. Jumpers set the output voltages to one of three options for each output: 3V, 3.3V or 5V for VOUT1, and 1.8V, 2.85V or 3.3V for VOUT2. The devices can provide 200mA at 3.3V from a 1.5V input. The LTC3527-1 actively discharges VOUT1 or VOUT2 when the respective SHDN pin goes low.


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