Features and Benefits

  • Red, Green, Blue Color Spectrum
  • Bright Powerful LEDs
  • Choose up to 4 LED per string
  • Designed to be compatible with CN0410

Product Details

The CFTL-LED-BAR is a bright, high intensity LED bar for lighting applications. The LED bar contains three colors (Red, Green, and Blue). The LEDs on the board are capable of handling up to one-amp (1A) maximum.

Up to four (4) LEDs per color can be used simply by applying a standard shunt. Please note, that for every additional LED needed in the string, an additional 3V is needed at the power supply. Please see the user guide for complete details.

The CFTL-LED-BAR was designed to be used directly with the EVAL-CN0410-ARDZ in cascaded, controlled lighting applications.