Features and Benefits

  • Measure from 1 up to 4 sensor channels
  • Selectable SPI, I2C, or UART communication
  • 10-Pin JTAG/SWD connector for easy programming
  • Form Factor Compatible with Arduino

Product Details

The EVAL-M355-ARDZ-INT board allows for sensors designed for the ADuCM355 to be connected to various Arduino shield compatible form factor development kits. This board currently support the EVAL-ADICUP3029 as the primary development kit for the complete solution.

Up to four channels of sensors based on the ADuCM355 can be used simultaneously using the EVAL-M355-ARDZ-INT. The sensor boards themselves can also be reprogrammed using the EVAL-M355-ARDZ-INT and the 10-Pin JTAG/SWD header provided on the board along with the switch provided on the board.

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