Features and Benefits

  • Supports the detection of UART
  • UDP transfer capability
  • ADPD105 full configuration
    • Register level
    • Parameter level
  • Graph view
    • Time graph
    • Frequency graph

Product Details

The EVAL-ADPD105Z-GEN evaluation board provides the user with a simple means of connecting their own optics to the ADPD105 photometric front end to evaluate the ADPD105 in a number of different applications, from vital signs monitoring to industrial sensing. The evaluation board includes the OpenMarket WaveTool graphical user interface (GUI) that provides the user with low level and high level configurability, real-time frequency and time domain analysis, and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) transfer capability so that the evaluation board can easily interface to the user’s development system.

The USB port powers the EVAL-ADPD105Z-GEN. On-board voltage regulators provide voltage supplies for the ADPD105, ADuCM360, and FTDI Chip FT232. There are on-board regulators that provide 3.3 V and 4.3 V LED supplies, as well as a selectable option to add an external LED supply. The evaluation board provides an LED and photodiode (PD) for a finger photo-plethysmography (PPG) measurement that is useful for a quick functionality check of the evaluation system.

The schematic and board layout, as well as the board itself, indicate signal names for easy identification. For additional information on the functionality of the ADPD105, refer to the ADPD105 datasheet.

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • EVAL-ADPD105Z-GEN evaluation board
  • Mini USB cable

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