Features and Benefits

  • Evaluation boards for the ADN8833
  •  1.0 A TEC driver for digital control systems 
  • Operating voltage range: VIN = 2.7V to 5.5V
  • TEC voltage and current operation monitoring
  • Independent TEC heating and cooling current limit settings
  • Programmable maximum TEC voltage
  • External synchronization from 1.85 MHz to 3.25 MHz 
  • Output for TEC module wires
  • 2.5V reference out 
  • Disable jumper
  • 40mm × 25 mm WLCSP board size
  • 45mm × 25 mm LFCSP board size

Product Details

The ADN8833CB-EVALZ and ADN8833CP-EVALZ are configurable evaluation boards designed to work with various TEC modules. The AND8833 on the evaluation board delivers bidirectional current through TEC using two pairs of the complimentary integrated MOSFETs in an H-bridge configuration.

The voltage across the TEC is proportional to voltage of control signal applied to the CONT input pin.

With the on-board passive components, TEC cooling and heating current limits set to 1A, maximum TEC voltage is programmed to 3V. The cooling and heating TEC current limits and maximum TEC voltage setting can be modified by changing values of the corresponding components.