Features and Benefits

  • High Accuracy Flow Measurement for Billing and Leak Detection
    • Time-to-Digital accuracy down to 20 ps
    • Measurement range up to 8 ms
    • Two Channels: single-stop channel
  • High Accuracy Temperature Measurement for Precise Heat and Flow Calculations
    • Up to four (4) 2-wire sensors
    • PT1000 and PT500 RTD support
  • Maximizes Battery Life with Low Device and Overall System Power
    • Low 10 μA ToF measurement and <125 nA duty-cycled temperature measurement
    • Event-timing mode reduces host microcontroller

Product Details

The EV-FLOWMETER-ARDZ sensor is an advanced and efficient solution for flow measurement, suitable for utility and industrial applications. The ultrasonic time-of-flight technology, coupled with the integrated functions of the MAX35101 Time-to-Digital Converter, addresses the limitations of mechanical flow meters and offers improved accuracy and longevity.

This reference design serves as a platform for developing customized heat or flow meters.


  • Ultrasonic Heat Meters
  • Ultrasonic Water Meters
  • Ultrasonic Gas Meters
  • Utility Metering
  • Environmental Monitoring

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