Features and Benefits

  • Monitors the health and vitality of livestock in real-time, enabling farmers to quickly treat animals and prevent the spread of illness or disease.
  • Tracks grazing animals to prevent loss and to identify grazing patterns.
  • Gathers and analyzes historical data to identify trends in cattle health or to track the spread of illness.
  • Monitors readiness to mate or give birth, preventing the loss of new calves and optimizing breeding practices.

Product Details

The EV-CATTLETAG-ARDZ is an Arduino board with a fully integrated solution for harvesting energy from single-/multi-cell solar sources. The device includes battery chargers for small lithium-ion systems, and a digital temperature sensor for applications such as Wearables and IoT. The board has an on-board MAX20335 BMS device, a MAX30210 temperature sensor, and a buzzer with a vibration motor option.


  • Asset location
  • Asset recovery
  • Asset traceability
  • Inventory management

Documentation & Resources