Features and Benefits

78M6631 Evaluation Board Demo Kit Includes
  • 78M6631 Evaluation Board
  • USB Cable Assembly USB A-B 28/24 1.8M (Tyco/Amp 1487588-3)
  • In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) Adaptor
  • Three CTs
  • CD with documentation

Product Details

The Teridian™ 78M6631 Evaluation Board is an electrical measurement unit for performing measurements on a 3-phase AC system. It incorporates the 78M6631 power and energy measurement IC and connects to a PC through a USB cable such as the one provided in the demo kit. The Evaluation Board demonstrates the capability of the 78M6631 energy meter controller chip for measurement accuracy and overall system use.

The on-board 78M6631 is preprogrammed with the firmware demo code. The 78M6631 energy measurement data and status is read back over the serial UART interface using a text-based CLI command set (easy manual operation is performed using HyperTerminal) and through the serial peripheral interface (SPI). Refer to the 78M6631 Firmware Description Document for details about the firmware and the use of the CLI commands.


  • Building Automation
  • Data Center, Telecom, Storage Power Supplies, and Power Distribution Units
  • Motor Health
  • Solar Inverters

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