Features and Benefits

Evaluation Board Demo Kit Includes:
  • 78M6612 AC-PMON Evaluation Board
  • USB Daughter Board
  • USB Cable Assembly USB A-B 28/24 1.8M (Tyco/Amp 1487588-3)
  • CD with OMU Software and Documentation

Product Details

The Teridian Semiconductor Corporation (TSC) 78M6612 AC-PMON Evaluation Board is an electrical measurement unit for performing measurements from a single electrical outlet. It incorporates the TSC 78M6612 single-phase, dual-outlet, power and energy measurement IC. The AC-PMON Evaluation Board is connected to PC through a USB cable such as one provided in the demo kit package. The Evaluation Board demonstrates the capability of the 78M6612 energy meter controller chip for measurement accuracy and overall system use.

The board is pre-programmed with demo firmware (file name 6612_OMU_S2_URT_V1_13.hex) in the flash memory of the 78M6612 IC that allows evaluation of the capability of the IC.


  • Communication Power Supplies
  • Computer Power Supplies
  • Consumer White Goods
  • Home and Commercial Automation