Features and Benefits

Demo Board Basic Connections
  • Use the supplied motherboard and 5 V power supply.
  • The motherboard includes a 3.3 V regulator to power the 73M2901CE Demo Board.
  • The motherboard also includes RS-232 level shifters and DCE connector to connect the demo board to a PC or other terminal device.
  • Use a standard PC terminal emulation program to communicate with the 73M2901CE Demo Board. See the 73M2901CE AT Command User Guide for a complete list of commands.
  • Type "AT" on the terminal at any speed from 1200bps to 9.6Kbps to verify communications with the modem are working correctly. The 73M2901CE modem will return "OK" if communication is properly established.
  • Connect the RJ-11 connector to a telephone network emulator or private branch exchange (BPX). The demo board, although meeting all the required telecom standards, is not a certified device. Therefore the 73M2901CE Demo Board should not be connected to the outside telephone network.

Product Details

The Teridian Semiconductor Corporation 73M2901CE Demo Board is a platform for evaluating the 73M2901CE single-chip modem ICs. It incorporates the 73M2901CE integrated circuit, and it has been designed to operate with a PC using the serial COM1 or COM2 RS-232 level ports and standard communications software packages such as HyperTerminal.

This document describes the two available demo board configurations, the 73M2901CE-EVM-600 and the 73M2901CE-EVM-WW.

The 73M2901CE EVM-600 is a board fitted with 600Ω resistive termination and is suitable for use in USA and Japan. This board has been designed to comply with U.S. Part 68, USA, and AS/ACIF S002:2001.

The 73M2901CE EVM-WW has selectable terminations, which makes it suitable for use in many different countries worldwide. The board has been designed to comply with FCC Part 68, ETSI TS 203, JATE and AS/ACIF S002:2001.


  • Automatic Teller Machines
  • Embedded Modem Applications such as Medical and Industrial Telemetry
  • Pay Phones
  • POS Terminals
  • Satellite Set-Top Boxes
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Utility Meters