Features and Benefits

Demo Kit Contents
  • Demo Board D6534T14A2 with 71M6534H IC and pre-loaded demo program:
  • Debug Board
  • Two 5VDC/1,000mA universal wall transformers with 2.5mm plug (Switchcraft 712A compatible)
  • Serial cable, DB9, Male/Female, 2m length (Digi-Key AE1020-ND)
  • CD-ROM containing documentation (data sheet, board schematics, BOM, layout), Demo Code (sources and executable), and utilities

Product Details

The TERIDIAN Semiconductor Corporation (TSC) 71M6534H Demo Board is a demonstration board for evaluating the 71M6534H device for 3-phase electronic power metering applications. It incorporates a 71M6534 or 71M6534H integrated circuit, peripheral circuitry such as a serial EEPROM, emulator port, and on board power supply as well as a companion Debug Board that allows a connection to a PC through a RS232 port. The demo board allows the evaluation of the 71M6534 or 71M6534H energy meter chip for measurement accuracy and overall system use.

The board is pre-programmed with a Demo Program in the FLASH memory of the 71M6534/6534H IC. This em-bedded application is developed to exercise all low-level function calls to directly manage the peripherals, flash programming, and CPU (clock, timing, power savings, etc.).

The 71M6534/6534H IC on the Demo Board is pre-programmed with default calibration factors.


  • Industrial, Commercial, and Grid Meters: 0.5% Accuracy