Features and Benefits

Demo Kit Contents
  • 71M6533 Demo Board with 71M6533F IC and Pre-Loaded Demo Program
  • USB-to-Serial Adapter
  • 5VDC/1000mA Universal Wall Transformer with 2.5mm Plug (Switchcraft 712A Compatible)
  • USB Cable

Product Details

The Teridian™ 71M6533 Demo Board is a demonstration board for evaluating the 71M6533 device for 3-phase electronic power metering applications. It incorporates a 71M6533 integrated circuit, peripheral circuitry such as a serial EEPROM, emulator port, and on-board power supply as well as a USB-to-serial adapter that allows a connection to a PC through the USB port. The demo board allows the evaluation of the 71M6533 energy meter chip for measurement accuracy and overall system use.

The board is preprogrammed with a demo program in the flash memory of the 71M6533 IC. This embedded application is developed to exercise all low-level function calls to directly manage the peripherals, flash programming, and CPU (clock, timing, power savings, etc.).

The 71M6533 IC on the demo board is preprogrammed with default calibration factors. Since current sensors are not part of the Demo Kit, the demo board is tested but not calibrated at the factory.


  • Industrial, Commercial, and Grid Meters: 0.5% Accuracy